What I’ve Learned From Writing 100 Blog Posts

The journey of writing 100 blog posts, and the lessons I learned along the way…

Writing 100 Blog posts can teach you a lot about yourself, and your writing.
  • You have to publish bad stuff. Accepting that makes this easier.
  • Having a Goal for Each Post Makes Them Happen

Good Writing vs Perfect Formatting

The craft vs the container

How to Format a Blog Post

I could still spend hours formatting and getting things perfectly placed, but that’s not what I am trying to do. I am trying to be a writer. Writer’s typically write a lot of content, but I didn’t have time to after so much formatting.

  • Quote out the notable bits for the “skimmers”.
  • Section Headers with Descriptive titles — let the reader know what’s in the next section.
  • Let your words speak for themself.

Publish the Bad Stuff, too

Every blogger writes some bad articles. Authors, no matter how esteemed, write a bad book. Every newspaper publishes a bad crossword every now and then… It is part of the job, and is completely natural when you are creating at your top speed.

Keep Writing Until The Car Can Move…

A common theme for Canadian mornings is a nervous peek out of the early morning windows. Bracing for how much snow you are about to see surrounding your car at 6am…

Set an Intention for Each Post

While simply saying “Keep it moving forward.” is easy, it’s very different to actually put that in practice.

Here’s to 100 More

I still have a hard time actually comprehending the fact that I have spent 3 years writing 100 blog posts. I didn’t lean into a whole lot of monetization, I simply just wanted to write more and reclaim the hobby. Now, I can look back and look ahead and happily proclaim that I am a writer without doubting myself.

Starter of projects, and wielder of words. What I will do with either is beyond me. — www.InTakeCreate.com

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