Structure, format, and the intimidation of expectations.

Things can only go up when I invest in my art.

Recently, I’ve discovered how poetry helped me transition to adulthood — and I didn’t even notice. Poetry defines everything in my life, and mirrored my trajectory into adulthood.

I was naturally drawn to Poetry from a young age. I didn’t read a lot of poetry, but I was writing a lot of it. It came to me naturally, as if my brain functioned in metaphors and mysteries already.

I was afraid to read poetry. Afraid that I would discover I was doing it wrong, and that my poetry wasn’t actually poetry.

The intimidation…

Twitter for writers welcomes unmatched growth, inspiration, and insight. That is, if you use it the right way.

A Twitter Bird, and a Feather Quill
A Twitter Bird, and a Feather Quill

Whether you are a blogger, an author releasing a book, or a freelance writer — Twitter can be an incredible tool for you with a little bit of effort.

The wrong approach can make Twitter seem like a complete waste of your time as a writer. Well, maybe it is either way — but that’s not for this post to decide.

Posting links that get no response in an effort to get traffic to your website is a losing battle that no…

These 3 prompts helped me learn how to avoid procrastination, instead of avoiding all the things I had to do.

Avoid procrastination with simple journal prompts
Avoid procrastination with simple journal prompts

Procrastination is a paralyzing force that effects many people’s daily lives. Tasks pile up, and allow for stress to compound. An unfortunate side effect of this compounding stress is avoidance. It becomes easy to convince yourself you are productive elsewhere, allowing the procrastination to continue.

The ‘hyper-productivity’ focus that has emerged in the last few years is not helpful in this case. Building regimented systems to brute force your way through tasks may help in the short term. …

The 3 things to focus on in order to have more motivation for writing, each and every time you start a new draft.

Getting Inspired to write, and sustaining that motivation to write is difficult but not impossible.
Getting Inspired to write, and sustaining that motivation to write is difficult but not impossible.

Writing is an elusive passion. Like a selfish dance partner, it spins elegantly on its own accord. The more we pursue it across the dance floor of our notebooks, the more we stumble.

Searching frantically for motivation to boost your writing is what makes your creativity stumble.

It is easy to be a joyous writer when the words come easily and the ideas flow effortlessly. Writing in this stage is as easy as asking yourself a question…

Not all of the art world has reacted warmly to NFTs, but that’s exactly why NFTs and Digital art fit together so well.

Photo by Moose Photos from Pexels

The rise of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has ushered in new eras — comparable to revolutions — in economics and digital goods. Many communities and professions have begun dipping their toes into the world of cryptocurrency. The most natural of which, was the art world.

Headlines have been dominated as of late by “NFTs” — or, non-fungible tokens — being sold by artists for millions of dollars. …

Mindfulness can calm down our anxious lives, but can it make us more creative too?

Can Mindfulness Make Us more Creative? {Image is writer pondering]
Can Mindfulness Make Us more Creative? {Image is writer pondering]
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on

If you want to be more productive and more creative, a path you’re likely to start looking down is mindfulness. As mindfulness practice rises in popularity, it occasionally crosses streams with every productivity and creativity blogger, podcast and YouTuber I follow.

While seeing mindfulness reach into each of these different areas is fantastic, the result could end up being a bit of a contorted definition.

The best place to start is simply to ask “What is mindfulness?”

What Is Mindfulness?

Understanding an official, or practical definition of mindfulness…

Stopping writer’s block is the goal of ever writer, but is it a lost cause?

Writer’s block is like a paper weight. An unfinished draft sits dutifully on top of the entire stack of our ideas. Not letting a single idea escape the pile.

I write quite a lot about writer’s block, for someone who insists it isn’t real. I think that’s partially my own way of stopping writer’s block when I experience it. The insistence that it “isn’t real” might be a bit extreme, sure. But I’ll continue to repeat that we just simply misunderstand it.

My current creative…

A chess piece with the wrong placement can’t move anywhere.

There’s a tired cliche that says life is a puzzle. You have to arrange your pieces, and eventually step back and take in the picture in all of its glory. You could envision it since the very first piece was lain, and bask in the achievement of finishing something.

It sounds nice, but it’s unrealistic. I propose a different comparison.

Life is more like a game of Chess. Not just the moves, competition and strategy — but in the meticulous effort that goes in before and after. …

The journey of writing 100 blog posts, and the lessons I learned along the way…

Writing 100 Blog posts can teach you a lot about yourself, and your writing.

As I drafted my last post, I noticed my counter was at 100. I have posted over 100 blog posts… I couldn’t really believe it when I noticed it, but since that moment I have been reflecting on this bizarrely delightful hobby of blogging.

I’ve been writing since I can remember. Before I could spell most words, I wanted to use them to craft stories. …

Ranking the 5 Best Creativity Podcasts that help improve my creative life and consistently unlock my next projects.

I listen to a lot of podcasts. They range in topics from Writing, Entrepreneurship, Pro Wrestling to Personal Finances and more. My favourite topic above all of the other ones however, is Creativity.

Creativity podcasts cut through the noise of every day life, and hit me directly with inspiration. Ninety percent of my creative work is driven and inspired by Podcasts.

The 5 Best Creativity Podcasts that I listen to are…

  • 5. The Anxious Achiever
  • 4. 99% Invisible
  • 3. Mike Barbiglia’s Working…

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