Stopping writer’s block is the goal of ever writer, but is it a lost cause?

Writer’s block is like a paper weight. An unfinished draft sits dutifully on top of the entire stack of our ideas. Not letting a single idea escape the pile.

I write quite a lot about writer’s block, for someone who insists it isn’t real. I think that’s partially my own way of stopping writer’s block when I experience it. The insistence that it “isn’t real” might be a bit extreme, sure. But I’ll continue to repeat that we just simply misunderstand it.

My current creative…

A chess piece with the wrong placement can’t move anywhere.

There’s a tired cliche that says life is a puzzle. You have to arrange your pieces, and eventually step back and take in the picture in all of its glory. You could envision it since the very first piece was lain, and bask in the achievement of finishing something.

It sounds nice, but it’s unrealistic. I propose a different comparison.

Life is more like a game of Chess. Not just the moves, competition and strategy — but in the meticulous effort that goes in before and after. …

The journey of writing 100 blog posts, and the lessons I learned along the way…

Writing 100 Blog posts can teach you a lot about yourself, and your writing.

As I drafted my last post, I noticed my counter was at 100. I have posted over 100 blog posts… I couldn’t really believe it when I noticed it, but since that moment I have been reflecting on this bizarrely delightful hobby of blogging.

I’ve been writing since I can remember. Before I could spell most words, I wanted to use them to craft stories. …

Ranking the 5 Best Creativity Podcasts that help improve my creative life and consistently unlock my next projects.

I listen to a lot of podcasts. They range in topics from Writing, Entrepreneurship, Pro Wrestling to Personal Finances and more. My favourite topic above all of the other ones however, is Creativity.

Creativity podcasts cut through the noise of every day life, and hit me directly with inspiration. Ninety percent of my creative work is driven and inspired by Podcasts.

The 5 Best Creativity Podcasts that I listen to are…

  • 5. The Anxious Achiever
  • 4. 99% Invisible
  • 3. Mike Barbiglia’s Working…

Photo by Benjamin Lambert on Unsplash

If you are anything like me, you spend a lot of your time worrying.

A common theme throughout my life has been obsessively worrying. I would spend every free moment thinking about future to-do’s or future expenses. This high stress bubble I had been trapped in was burst by my Step-Daughter a few years ago.

Car fixes, saving for a home, raising a family, a poor rental market, and other life events came along and stacked on top of my life-long habit of worrying.

I had been so laser focused on future goals, that I forget to relish those goals…

Photo by Shelby Deeter on Unsplash

He resides at arms length.
Breathing in smoke from the burning heart hidden within her chest.
He loves her with every ounce of energy he has ever harnessed,
Blessing the Earth she merely steps on.

She, so tempted by the blurring lines between love and hate,
Is stuck looking to the future through the lens of the past.

He aches when the world becomes too heavy for her.
When her knees wobble, and feet give way.
He’s blinded on the days where the sunlight feels intrusive.
Black curtains stand as fortress walls across the mid-summer window. …

Married couple holding hands
Married couple holding hands
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

This is my story of self resentment, turned to self-discovery at the hands of a loving heart.

Growing up, I was a shy and fragile kid. Being this way essentially painted a target on my back with the words “Bullying Welcome” above it.

Most of the time, I stayed strong amidst it all. Repeating mantras about sticks and stones to remind myself that it was only words. Well, that worked fine until the words were accusing me of being gay.

Derogatory terms to describe homosexuality often found their home in my ears. Each time I heard those harsh words, my…

A grocery store shelf.
A grocery store shelf.
Photo by Mehrad Vosoughi from Pexels

An original Poem, about a trip to the grocery store…

I get uncomfortable in the Grocery store.

Every time those sliding doors open, I roll my little cage on wheels into the vast world of opportunity, obesity, and overspending….

I raise my head and I see myself on that out of date television. Letting me know

‘Hey, you are on camera because you are not to be trusted.”

I look up into that TV, suddenly acutely aware of what the slight breeze, or vengeful wind did to my hair outside.

I look up into that TV, and shudder when I…

How An Anxious Childhood Can Make You A Depressed Adult Obsessed With Unique Problem Solving Skills, and What You Can Do About It

I grew up a problem solver, and an achiever. Over time, I had grown incredibly afraid of failure, ridicule, or being wrong. This built me into an astute problem solver. A skill which was useful at the time — probably vital — though has become outdated, and a driving force behind my depression swings.

This problem solving armor takes shape very early for many of us, and protects us from many early blows that would otherwise be…

Today is a one of those down days. This morning, it was pretty easy to hit the snooze button. Much harder to pull the curtains back. It’s one of those days where everything just feels ‘off’ right from the word “GO”. Living with depression, or other mental health issues can sometimes feel like each night of sleep is a round of Russian Roulette. Either waking up ready to take on the day — or stuck in a day of misery. Many who struggle with their mental health simply refer to these as “Down Days”.

If you find yourself cursing your…

Anthony Mcguigan

Starter of projects, and wielder of words. What I will do with either is beyond me. —

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